Read-Aloud Bible Stories, Volume 5

Ella K. Lindvall
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The award-winning Read Aloud Bible Stories series has delighted children, parents, and teachers for decades. Written by Ella K. Lindvall and illustrated by Kent Puckett, these timeless stories of the Bible are retold in clear, simple language children will enjoy and understand; while adults will appreciate the accuracy of the message, and enjoy being asked to read them again and again.

In this beautifully illustrated volume #5, Ella Lindvall re-tells five of Jesus’ parables in a way that will entertain and teach the truth of the Bible: The Foolish Farmer, The Sheep That Was Lost, The People Helper Who Wouldn’t Help, Two Men Who Talked to God, and Two Men and Their Houses. After each story the child can reveal the meaning of the story in the “What did you learn?” section.

Read Aloud Bible Stories are not just for reading to children but are perfect for the early reader too!


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