Parenting with Scripture

Kara Durbin
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Parenting with Scripture is an easy to use topical resource that parents of toddlers through teens can use when teachable moments arise.

This effective guide helps teach children how to think and apply God’s Word in their daily lives.

The 101 alphabetically arranged two-page topics address behavior, attitude, emotions, and actions. Examples include Forgiveness, Humility, Anger, and Procrastination. Each topic is comprised of Scripture passages, discussion questions, action items, and parenting tips.

This revised edition of Parenting with Scripture adds detailed help for
parents to quickly identify teachable moments and know what to do when they appear.

Download an excerpt from Parenting with Scripture.

Parenting with Scripture

About the Author

Kara Durbin has enjoyed serving in various roles of children’s ministry and has received a degree in elementary education. She writes to encourage parents to raise their children in scripture. (Kara’s Bio)

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