His Word in My Heart

Janet Pope
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Are you desperate to have God and His word as a constant source of nourishment for your weary soul?

This book proposes something different than memorizing random scattered verses with fragmented truth. Rather, it is a way to get to know God by memorizing sequential verses in their contexts, achieving a more accurate and complete picture of God.

Speaking from practical experience experience, Janet Pope shares how her life was changed by the process of thinking and meditating on specific truths learned by memorizing Scripture. In His Word in My Heart, Janet reveals how she trained herself to incorporate Scripture memorization into her daily routines.

This book is a must-read for those who hunger for God and want to learn how to discipline their minds and trade their thoughts… for His.

His Word in My Heart

About the Author

Janet is a well known author of many books and distinguished speaker. She received her Masters in Theology after spending 10 years with Campus Crusade for Christ and 14 years as a Precept Bible teacher. (Janet’s Bio)

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